You Be The Wine Maker!

Wine TankEver wonder how wine is made? Now you can be the winemaker and find out! Our process is no different than any other quality winery, however, like many wineries, we don’t grow our own grapes. Instead, we buy quality crushed grapes (‘grape must’) from the finest award-winning vineyards around the world. Such regions include; California, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Spain and South Africa.

We invite you to be your own winemaker. We will assist you in creating your own private vintage of wine you can later bottle, cork and label. Each private vintage makes approximately 25-27 bottles and takes 5 to 7 seven weeks to complete. Occasionally, our timeline may exceed yours, so we created the “Adopt-A-Grape” program to offer a condensed experience better suited for winemakers with immediate needs.

Whether its a special event or a team building exercise you can click here to start now. . .